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Packet Pick-Up
Bib Pick-Up is at Cone Gym at Bennet Academy (1151 Main St) the morning of the race, 8:00-9:15.  Please see our Map page for exact location. This is your only remaining opportunity for bib pick-up.

Seeding Requests are Closed for the Season.  We will NOT respond to any emails Requesting Seeding.

Registration is Closed for the Season.  We will NOT respond to any emails Regarding Registration.

If your Bib did not arrive in the mail, please send us an email - we will replace it.

If you are traveling and left your bib at home, please send us an email - we will gladly replace it.

Do you want to know?

**The Status of your T-Shirt order Click here

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Missing in Results?

Each year there are a handful of people that do not appear in the results for a variety of reasons.  The most common reasons are:

**Forgot to wear bib Number or did not wear according to instructions

**Damaged the timing tag probably due to folding or crumpling the bib

NET times are the same as GUN times for all Walkers starting in Walkers mall.  Check the Results page to see what time the Walkers mall was opened.

What to do if you are not in the results?

**Check that you didn’t misspell your name when registering Click here

**Check the Full Listing of results and use the FIND on THIS PAGE feature of your browser Click here

**Click here to submit your BibNumber and Estimated FinishTime.  This submission must be made by noon on the Sunday after the race.

We will go through the backup computers and possibly the video footage to search for your results. While we can not reprint the newspaper results, we can do our best to update the permanent record of the results which will be on The Last Mile.

To submit a question/comment not regarding the race results contact us below.

Volunteers are no longer staffing the website so replies to emails may take a week or more.

(for kids 12 and under)
**Registration Opens October 1st**

Date: Saturday, November 17
at 10:00 a.m.

Location: Bennet Soccer Field

Please bring 2 non-perishable food items as a donation towards admission

To register
click here

For detailed information about the race
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9/19/19 Road Race to increase prizes for top three finishers

9/10/18 Rudolph named honorary chair of Manchester Road Race

8/2/18  Registration for the 82nd Manchester Road Race to open on September 1st

7/16/18 Race Mourns Passing of McCormack

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Little Manchester Road Race
4.748 Miles
November 22, 2018 ~ 10:00 a.m
The 82nd Manchester Road Race