Divisions and Awards
Race Winners (Male and Female) are determined by Guntime, not Nettime.
However, Age Group Winners are determined by Nettime.

King and Queen of the Hill - Male and Female
Five-year age groups (beginning at age 45) were added in 2010. Record holders were established for the new age groups in the 2010 race.  Click here to view all of the record holders in each division.

Awards to the top 25 finishers (which may include USATF Trust Award winners) will be presented at Bennet Academy at 11:30 am on race day. Three winners in each division will receive awards by mail.
Divisions (Male and Female)
Each Division's Top Male and Female
(15 Divisions)
Special Awards
(may be won in addition to divisional awards)
Course Incentive: $2,000 bonus for breaking the male or female course record

Von Deck Trophy: First male

Clarence and Arvilla Hale Memorial Trophy: First female

Michael Dyer Trophy: First Finisher (35-40 years)

Trooper Russell A. Bagshaw Trophy: First male 40 - 49

Judy-Arin Krupp Trophy: First female 40 - 49

Dr. Marzialo Trophies: First Manchester resident high school male and female

Jay E. Rubinow Trophy: First finisher 80 - 89

Gift Certificates: First Connecticut resident male and female; First Manchester resident male and female

Tim Moriarty Award:
 First Irish male and female

Ray Crothers Trophy: First male 60-69
Grand Total of All Awards:  $51,300
Master's Division (40+) - Male and Female

King and Queen of the Hill will be awarded to the first male and female who cross the designated line at the summit of Highland Street, as determined by the MRR judge, and who places within the top ten finishers of the race in their gender.  If the judge considers the race a tie, then the award will be divided by the number of winners. For each gender, the total prize amount will be $1,000.


Welcome to the 85th Running of the Manchester Road Race

4.748 Miles November 25, 2021