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11/20/18 Manchester Road Race braces for arctic weather

11/20/18 Mitsubishi Outlander from MAC Mitsubishi to serve as MRR official pace car

11/19/18 Manchester Road Race to honor Prat and Whitney for 35 years of sponsorship

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Wearing Costumes

The Manchester Road Race Committee strives each year to hold a world-class Thanksgiving Day road race that is safe, fun and family-friendly.  We want all of our runners and spectators to feel welcome and to enjoy the race. Over the years, runners in costumes have become a tradition at the race, and contribute to its festive holiday atmosphere and spirit.

We respectfully urge runners who wear costumes or who carry signs or props during the race to exercise good judgment, and to be considerate of others. Please refrain from the use of costumes, signs or props that are lewd, culturally insensitive, threatening or unsafe.

Your cooperation will help us to continue making the Manchester Road Race a wonderful holiday tradition and a positive experience for all our participants.
Important Race Info and Rules

Important Information for ALL Participants - Please Read Carefully

Race Date:



Length of Course:

Max # of Participants:
November 22, 2018

Main Street, Manchester, CT

10:00 a.m.  Sharp

4.748 miles


Safety Alerts

No Wheels of any kind (e.g. in-line skates, baby strollers, bicycles) and no pets are allowed anywhere on the race course
No Headphones or Earbuds may be worn while on the race course
Stay on the Race Course!  Do not shortcut onto sidewalks or yards to get around other runners as this can cause injuries and damage to personal property

Bibs and Runner Timing

Every participant must wear their MRR bib!
A MYLAPS Bib Tag is permanently attached to the back of every bib.
Bibs must be worn just above your navel.
Bibs must be visible as you cross the Start and Finish Lines.
Do not fold or crumple your bib as it will damage the timing tag.

Race Packet Mailing and Pick-Up

Race Packets (containing bibs and timing tags) will be mailed for all on-line registrations received on or before Nov 11
Each Race Packet will contain only one bib for the individual whose name appears on the front of the envelope
After the mailing deadline, packets must be picked up at Bennet Academy (Cone Gym) at the Packet Pick-up Tables either at the Sports Expo (9:00am-12:00pm) or on Race Day (8:00am-9:15am)
PLEASE STORE BIBS in their original envelopes until race day to avoid inadvertantly swapping bibs with someone else.

Other Information

There are NO lockers available so arrive prepared to run
CT Sports Massage will provide pre-race and post-race massages at Bennet Academy (8:00am - 12:00 noon) the day of the race
Plan to arrive early as you can expect delays in travel, parking and getting into the starting pack
Please read the information about Parking and taking the Shuttle
Toilet facilities are available in many areas
Dress warmly and appropriately for standing around before and after the race
Be prepared to hand off extra clothing to a friend before the start of the race
Check the weather forecast!
4.748 Miles
November 22, 2018 ~ 10:00 a.m
The 82nd Manchester Road Race