Check out the INFO Tab in the MRR app! You will find…


  • A list of our amazing world class Elite athletes. Add them to your tracker and you can watch them race!



  • A video A video of the incredible 2014 National Anthem. Goosebumps!


  • A video You can take a Selfie!


  • A video Check out our wonderful sponsors who help make this race happen.


  • A video Links to Social Media and so much more.

MRR Virtual App Instructions

Manchester Road Race (MRR) Virtual App User Instructions


Registered for the race.

-  Received an email from stating that your name has been loaded into the app. (This step could take up to 24 hours to complete.)


Step 1Download the Manchester Road Race App


Step 2: Click the "Claim Profile" link from your mobile phone to claim your profile.

(You will be asked for your email and name.)


Step 3: Run as many practice runs as you like.  Be sure to check out the two map trackers. One is the EVENT map which will track your progress as if you were on the actual MRR course. The other map tracks where you are actually running.


Step 4: RACE DAY Between November 19 and 25, the app will allow you to race.  Upon completion of your race, the app will automatically transmit your results to our timer - The Last Mile Timing. You can race as many times as you like but only your last race is presented in the results. Not your fastest.  (Non-participants can track you if you authorize them to do so.)




Remember: A smart phone can only record one runner at any given time. If you are a family of runners and don’t own sufficient phones for your entire family, please click here for advice on running the race.


Click here for frequently asked questions.








4.748 Miles
November 2020
The 84th Manchester Road Race