4.748 Miles
November 23, 2017 ~ 10:00 a.m
The 81st Manchester Road Race
Aerial Video is now available.

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2017 Results

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11/14/17 Bernard Lagat and Molly Huddle to run in 81st Manchester road Race

11/6/17  A heart-to-heart interview with Thayer Redman, Assistant Race director

10/17/17 McCluskey Kin to Celebrate Anniversary of Joe’s Final Win

9/11/17 Treacy Brothers to serve as Honorary Chairmen of MRR
Paul Chelimo
Buze Diriba
Presenting Your 2017 Winners
We hope your kids had a wonderful time at the LMRR. Photos and a video from Photoflight Aerial Video are available  in the Photo Gallery.

LMRR would like to thank all of the student athlete volunteers from Eastern Connecticut State University for their assistance.
Chris Thompson
The King and Queen of the Hill
Molly Huddle